(Left to right) Jennifer & Darren Boston with Corey & Kate Boston. Corey heard of the Towne Post Network opportunity through his brother, Darren, and decided to start magazines of his own in the greater Louisville market.

Corporate Man Turned Entrepreneur

If you ask Corey Boston to define his career before he became a franchise publisher with the Towne Post Network he describes himself as a “corporate man.” Boston, a long-time Kentucky resident, knew very little about the magazine industry before jumping into it, but that didn’t stop him from seizing the opportunity.

“Everything I’m doing now is completely unrelated to the work I did before owning a magazine,” Boston says. “The magazine industry was foreign to me. My background is in health care administration and I worked for insurance companies for nearly 15 years all over the country. I was working in a job that I had worked my entire career to get, but I was miserable. I didn’t enjoy it at all.”

Not long after leaving his old job, Boston decided to be an entrepreneur and possibly start his own business. About that time, he heard of the Towne Post Network from his brother, Darren — a Towne Post Franchise Publisher of the Avon, Plainfield and Brownsburg Magazines in Indiana.

There is freedom in being a publisher and setting your own schedule. Being your own boss is great.

After seeing and hearing about his brother’s success in the magazine world, and spending time gaining experience in sales, Boston wondered if he might be able to have the same success starting his own magazines. His brother encouraged him to give it a shot.

Boston met with Towne Post Network CEO Tom Britt on several occasions before ultimately deciding to dive in — about four months later his inaugural issue of Jeffersontown Magazine was printed with incredibly positive community response from local residents and businesses. Today, Boston is the publisher of three total magazines in Kentucky including Middletown Magazine and St. Matthews Magazine.

“There was a period there where I was hesitant on jumping into this, but I’m glad that I did,” Boston says. “I enjoy putting out these local stories in the communities and meeting business owners. There is freedom in being a publisher and setting your own schedule. Being your own boss is great. Overall, I can’t complain.”

For those with a similar backstory and little to no experience in the magazine industry, Boston says it might be beneficial to consider the opportunity with the Towne Post Network or, at the very least, get more information.

“This is a great opportunity for the right person, someone with an entrepreneurial attitude,” Boston says. “I would say, take your time and get all the information. If you have some business to business experience sales wise, this might be a great fit for you, though.”