Geist Magazine Territory Sold to Local Realtor, Justin Biehl

Justin Biehl

Geist Magazine has a new owner, Justin Biehl, who says he is extremely excited about taking over the franchise.

Biehl says he wants to build upon the already highly successful magazine and continue its success. Towne Post Network Founders Tom and Jeanne Britt recently sold the franchise rights to Biehl, who has experience in real estate, and who has also been involved in youth athletics.

Biehl says he loves his neighborhood.

“I have lived in the Fishers/Geist area for over 20 years,” Biehl says. “When I purchased the magazines from Tom and Jeanne, I saw the great financial opportunity with the magazines, and I also really liked how the magazines and stories are a good reflection of our community, and the people who live and work in it.”

Biehl’s wealth of business experience is a valuable asset to the future of the franchise.

“I have been in the real estate industry for 20 years, mainly servicing the Hamilton and Hancock County areas,” Biehl says. “So I have a strong background in sales and customer service.”

In addition to running Geist Magazine, Biehl will also be launching a new Hancock County Magazine next spring.

Biehl has high praise for the founders of the magazine.

“Tom did a fantastic job of using his magazines as a voice to communicate in the community, and I’m excited to continue that voice along with putting my own personal style into future publications,” Biehl says.

Biehl notes that Tom has been working with him to get him acclimated and networked. Meanwhile, Tom and Jeanne are also looking to expand Towne Post Network nationally, which they are excited about.

“We aren’t going anywhere,” Tom Britt says. “After publishing the Geist Magazine for 19 years, we decided to let someone else that can commit the time to the publication take it over. I’ll still be involved locally, but with just a different focus of growing the Towne Post Network nationally.”

When he isn’t working, Biehl says he enjoys spending time with his family, coaching, and dining out at his favorite local restaurants.

“I’m the father of three teenage boys, Nate, 18, Noah, 16, and Evan, 15,” Biehl says. “I am also the high school Mudsock rugby board president, and I have coached youth sports in the area for over 15 years. I also love to play golf and travel. Eating out is also something I really enjoy. FoxGardin Family Kitchen and Murphys PubHouse are two of my favorite hangouts in the area.”

To welcome Biehl as the new owner or find out more information, email him at, or check out Geist Magazine’s Facebook page.

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