Towne Post Launches First Online Store to Purchase Print, Digital, and Social Advertising

Towne Post Direct Online Store

First Publication in the United States to Sell All Advertising Inventory Online, Offering Transparent Pricing and Contactless Purchasing

Towne Post Direct is the first virtual media kit for the magazine publishing industry, allowing small business owners to shop for print, digital, and social marketing packages direct online – with no sales people.

Local business owners in Central Indiana have the ability to purchase localized print, digital and social media advertising packages online – direct – bypassing traditional in-person salespeople. Towne Post Direct ( is a new online shopping portal that allows customers to purchase everything from print ads in the Towne Post Network monthly print magazines to online digital advertising inventory through

“Our growing print, digital and social platform has already proven to local businesses that a localized, integrated approach to marketing is not only cost-effective but delivers results,” says Tom Britt, CEO and Founder of the Towne Post Network, Inc. “With Towne Post Direct, we can now make it much easier for our customers to shop on their own terms, control their own budgets and not worry about a salesperson showing up at their office.”

A new product offering through Towne Post Direct is print advertising packages called “Print+”. Now, print advertising is sold as a package that includes digital and social media marketing services at no additional cost.

“Print alone does not work anymore, it hasn’t for quite some time,” Britt adds. “For the past 10 years, we’ve been integrating digital ads through and overlaying social media promotions through our local channels. The combination of print, digital and social together not only works well, but they add tracking and accountability to print which small businesses are desperately looking for.”

Now in beta, Towne Post Direct has launched in Central Indiana with 10 of 18 franchised publications participating. Ad packages start at just $25 per month. For more information, please visit

About Towne Post Network, Inc.

Towne Post Network, Inc. is a family-owned franchise system headquartered in Fishers, Indiana. Since 2004, the Towne Post Network has grown to 18 monthly print magazines servicing local communities in Indiana and Kentucky. Each franchised territory leverages the monthly print magazine, digital advertising through, and social media marketing to support local businesses and nonprofits in the communities they serve. For franchising information, contact us.